Music Ministry

Music at TPC exists to enhance our worship of God and our relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Music is an integral part of the ministry of this church. We are centered in the belief that music in worship is an offering to God rather than a performance or entertainment.

We build on a heritage which has included highly-credentialed musicians in leadership positions, but which embraces the participation of all who love church music.

About our Music

Music at TPC is traditional at its center, but open to quality worship music from a variety of sources. It is characterized by:

  • An appreciation for hymnody throughout Christian history
  • Piano and pipe organ accompaniment
  • Notable, but not exclusive, attention to the classics in instrumental and choral selection
  • Selective incorporation of non-traditional Christian music from various directions and time periods
  • Selective incorporation of instruments including trumpet, flute, trombone, classical guitar and others as appropriate to enhance the music of worship
  • Live (non-recorded) music in most circumstances


  • Chancel Choir – Rehearses weekly, takes part in the Sunday morning worship service throughout the year. Comprised largely of adults but welcomes middle and high school youth.
  • Children’s Choir – Part of the Adventure Time program for grades 1-5. Participates in Sunday morning worship service once a month through the school year and in special programs.
  • Handbell Choir – Rehearses weekly through the school year. Participates in special programs and Sunday worship on a varying schedule. Comprised of adults and middle or high school youth.

Special Music Programs

Special music programs at TPC are typically well attended not only by our own congregation, but also by members of the community. They represent a ministry that transcends denominational lines within the Tazewell area.

  • Christmas Cantata – A Sunday evening program in December, presented by the Chancel Choir but including Children’s and Handbell Choirs as well. The service includes Christmas songs and anthems from a number of styles and composers and makes use of various instruments in accompaniment.
  • Children’s Pageant – A Sunday evening musical presented by the Children’s Choir and including the Nativity.
  • Festival of Hymns – An annual event combining the choirs of TPC and Main Street United Methodist Church to lead a service of congregational hymn-singing with added accompaniment by music students from Southwest Virginia Community College. Instruments include brass, woodwind, piano, and percussion. A love offering is taken to support the Sacred Recital Series at the Community College.
  • Tenebrae – A traditional Good Friday service presented by the Chancel Choir and incorporating music appropriate to the commemoration of Christ’s journey to the cross.
  • Choral Festivals – Occasional worship events presented by the Chancel Choir. Themes have included “When In Our Music God is Glorified” and “This is My Story, This is My Song.” These incorporate a variety of songs, hymns, and anthems.
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