Come to our church!  We would love to have you.  The New Year is the perfect opportunity for each of us to jump start our year and recalibrate our priorities and relationships.  Ready for a fresh start?  A brand new beginning?  Now can be your restart!

Join us!  We offer fellowship and a peaceful, relaxing setting for worship services.

You will experience spiritual fulfillment and growth as a member of our church family.

Enjoy fellowship as a member of our congregation while savoring our periodic potluck meals, which are delicious and nourishing, too!

Our entire facility is modernized inside to accommodate handicapped worshippers.

Our facility is also equipped with a hearing assistance system. Be sure to ask for a receiver before worship service if you are in need.

For those who are mobility impaired and have no means to get to our church for weekly worship service, we can possibly help you overcome this.  Please communicate your needs to us.

See you in church!!!



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