“Grace to you and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 1:7)

Every day, God’s grace is available to us. There is, of course, nothing “ordinary” about grace, which is the amazing reality of God’s life in us. Indeed, there is nothing “ordinary” about our lives either, even though many days may seem average or mundane to us. Lectio Divina (holy reading) is a way of praying with Scripture that allows the divine fire to be kindled within us. Many methods of Lectio Divina have developed since the time of early monasticism. Here, we will be using a simple framework that allows the word of God to make room in our minds and hearts.

Our first step, Lectio (reading), will be to read the day’s Gospel passage from the Bible. I encourage you to read it a few times slowly, perhaps especially noting the phrase or verse that is listed under the Meditatio section.

Next, the Meditatio (meditation) will expand the meaning of this phrase and explore what it is saying to us today — what God is asking of us, or challenging us to, or offering to us. After reading the meditation, take as much time as you wish to reflect on it.

The Oratio (prayer) can help you talk to God about what has arisen in your heart, so that the time of prayer becomes a conversation, not just a time to think. God has spoken in the Scripture. We hear the invitation in our meditation, but now a response is called for. Our response is not just to say, “Yes, I want to do as you are asking me,” but also to say, “Help me to do it, Lord!”

The short line under Contemplatio (contemplation) is a way of extending this time of prayer into life. You can silently repeat it throughout the day to help deepen the intimacy with the Lord that you experienced in prayer.

May God bless you!

Pastor Dave Gilbert


Scripture texts quoted will be from the “New American Bible with Revised Testament and Revised Psalms” (c) 1991. The daily reflections will be drawn with appreciation from “Ordinary Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections” by the Daughters of St. Paul, (C) 2011.

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